5 Reasons You Should Hire a Contractor and 10 Common Problems

Information provided online has made most home remodeling projects seem easy to most homeowners. DIY home improvement projects can be more economical and help homeowners pass the time, but there are some projects that are best left to professionals and that includes your roof. 

Why You Should Use a Roofing Contractor in Allen TX for Your Roof Repair

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A great roof not only adds curb appeal, but it provides shelter for your family. Because your roof is such an important aspect of your home, maintenance and installation should be left to a professional roofer.

Here are 5 of the most important reasons you should hire a contractor.

Expertise makes a Difference

Replacing a roof is not as straight forward as many people think. Roof repair is an extremely technical process and it requires a lot of knowledge about the roof’s inner workings. 

A contractor will have the experience necessary to locate structural flaws and mistakes that the average homeowner would not notice. Catching these mistakes early reduces the risk of future damage.

Being on a Roof Compromises Your Safety

Slips and falls from a roof are one of the most common roofing accidents homeowners face. Professional roofers have safety gear that is specially made to prevent these types of accidents, as well as insurance to cover the specific types of injuries that roofing contractors are at risk for.

The Job Gets Done Right

Not knowing the ins and outs of repairing a roof, most homeowners make minor mistakes throughout the repair process. However, this makes the roof predisposed to developing issues in the future and a lot sooner than the homeowner would expect. 

A Professional Provides a Warranty

The majority of roofing contractors provide warranties with their services. This warranty includes workmanship and materials. This means if something goes wrong, the repairs will be made at no additional cost.

You are Provided with an In-depth Inspection

Before a roofing company completes your project, they will complete an in-depth roof inspection to identify any existing damage and any areas that could become problematic in the future.

There are some roof repairs that a homeowner can complete themselves but there are others that are extremely risky and require complex skills that most homeowners do not have. Here are 10 common problems homeowners face with their roof that requires training.

Leaks and Moisture

The roof of a house is constantly being beaten by the elements. Even a roof that was constructed with the best materials and skill set will experience wear and tear because of the elements. There are common signs of moisture issues including discolored ceilings and damp walls.

Water Pooling

If there are places where water settles on your roof for more than 48 hours, they can pose a serious hazard for your roof. There are a lot of reasons this may occur including gutters being clogged, HVAC drainage issues, and weak spots in your roof. 

Tree Damage

Branches that hang over your house can cause wear and tear on your roof. Additional problems can be caused if the limbs break off and fall on the roof. Other problems they are known to cause are debris build-up, moss, and mold growth.

Clogged Downspouts and Gutters

Gutters that are poorly maintained or clogged can cause significant water back up since it is unable to drain off of the roof. Water then begins to pool which causes the eves to begin rotting.

Damaged Shingles

Just like anything else that is on your roof, shingles can be ripped and warped. Natural weather patterns cause the protective coating on shingles to break down over time and leaks can develop.

Improper Repairs and Installation

If the roof was initially installed improperly, there is a good chance that it will develop problems. By having roof work completed by a licensed professional, you can ensure that the work is done correctly and that the job comes with a warranty. 


Winds, hail, and foot traffic on your roof can cause punctures. Roofs that are considered single-ply are predisposed to puncturing because the protective layer is thinner. Small punctures may seem like a small problem, but they can quickly develop into extensive roof damage.


Roof membranes can shrink if they were installed improperly. Shrinkage can also be caused by moisture build-up and natural elements. When this happens, the shingles can crack or pull away from the flashing.

Animal Damage

Mice, birds, raccoons, squirrels, wasps, and other pests are well known for finding their way into homes through the roof and eves. The most common entry points are gaps and holes and them living inside of the structure can compromise the integrity of your roof. 

Poor Maintenance History

Regular inspections and maintenance can assist in identifying risks and problems associated with your roof. They can catch problems long before they begin causing deterioration and damage.

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Planning Your Roof Replacement on a Budget in Allen, Texas

A solid roof is one of the most forgotten, but important parts of your home. In most cases, homeowners are not prepared for emergency roof repair or roof replacement projects. Unfortunately, these projects cost thousands of dollars, and most homeowners simply don’t have that much money sitting in their bank account. 

Since the average cost of roof replacement projects can range between $5,000 and $10,000, it is important to pay attention to wear and tear on your roof, and the overall health of the roof to ensure any damage is repaired before it can become a severe problem.

Even if you are financially prepared for roof repairs or roof replacement, there is a good chance you will want to work with your roofing contractor to minimize the financial impact.

Create an Outline for Your Project

Planning properly is the key to being a successful homeowner. Every home will require repairs and renovations and preparing properly is the key to the success of your project. 

Developing a solid plan for your project is essential. There are a number of factors to consider when you are developing your project outline, including:

  • The pitch of your roof
  • The overall size of your house
  • The severity of the damage to your roof
  • The materials needed to complete the job

You will want to contact several roofing contractors and get an estimate from each roofing company. This will allow you to compare notes from each roofing company and narrow down your options on what option best suits your budget and gain a better understanding of the different roofing approaches to develop a solution.

Consider Financing Your Project

There are times when repairs are necessary and they cannot wait. A roof that is heavily damaged, especially by weather, will need to be repaired or replaced right away. If the contractor determines the roof cannot wait for repairs, you may want to consider financing your project. With many companies, the roofers can recommend places for you to get financing, or you can go to your own bank and apply.

A lot of people hesitate when it comes to financing a home project. Typically the hesitation is associated with the interest rate attached to the loan, and having long term debt. It is important to consider the risk associated with putting off a repair, and the additional damage your home could sustain while you wait. Failing to repair roof damage could lead to the entire roof needing to be replaced in the future, and possible structural damage that could cost your family a lot more than the initial repairs would have. 

Avoid Changing Plans once the Project Starts

It is important that you do not make any unnecessary changes one the project has begun. It will delay the completion of the project, and it could dramatically increase the overall cost of finishing it.

The only time you should make any changes to the original plan is if the damage is found that was not located on the initial inspection. 

Complete the Project with a Professional

Even if you plan your roof replacement meticulously, you will need a professional to ensure the installation is done right. Ensuring that you hire the right company to complete the job will ensure that the job is done quickly and stay within your budget. 

Benefits Provided By a Roofing Contractor in Allen TX

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One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional to complete your roof installation is the detailed estimate they provide. After a thorough inspection, you will have the opportunity to see a detailed list of materials, the estimated materials cost, and an estimate of how long it will take professionals to install your new roof. 

You will also be provided a chance to review the different roofing options that will fit into your budget.

Selecting the Right Contractor

When you are considering a roof repair or replacement, you should get an estimate from several companies before making your decision. You must then select the company you will have completed the repairs. 

Keep in mind that the least expensive company may not be the right one to complete your work. Every repair approach comes with a specified warranty and the approach taken when doing the repairs will determine how long the warranty lasts. Even if a company offers a slightly higher price, the additional warranty may make the additional expense worth the cost. 

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The 2 Head Roofs in Allen TX

You’ve made it through winter and spring is here. The snow is melting away and flowers are starting to bloom. All is good. Suddenly you began to smell a damp odor. You go to the store to get air fresheners and cleaning solutions. Once you’re home, you begin cleaning. You figure, why not go ahead and get your spring cleaning done. After all it’s spring time – right? After you clean, you strategically place air fresheners throughout the house. Again, all is good. A week later, you continue to smell a foul odor. The odor gets stronger and stronger. A few days later, you go on a scavenger hunt to find the source of the odor. Still, no luck. After an exhausting hour of searching for the source of the odor, you sit down and scratch your head. You look up to the ceiling and see all of these brown spots. You realize that your roof is leaking. You scream (expletive word goes here)! Then you begin your quest to find a roofing company. But wait a minute, didn’t the previous homeowner tell you they placed a new roof on the home when you purchased it? In a panic, you continue your quest to find roofers that can come out and give you an estimate. Your neighbor, Bob, notices you frantically pacing in the front yard.

You begin to tell him about your dilemma and right away Bob gives you the name and number of his son-in-law, Chuck, who happens to be a roofing contractor. You make the call in the front yard. Chuck comes out within the hour and begins inspection immediately. He notifies you that your roofing problem is more serious than you think. Chuck begins to explain to you that the previous homeowner placed a new roof on top of an old roof. What’s worse, the previous contractor did a poor job. You think to yourself, why would anyone do that? You speculate that maybe the previous homeowner thought two roofs were better than one. You get a sense of anger because you feel the previous homeowner deceived you. In any case, you’re in a bit of a pickle. Chuck hands you a bill for the roof repair. Like a deer caught in headlights, you agree to the charges and Chuck gets to work. As you review the bill, you wish you had taken your best friend’s advice and gotten the home inspected before purchasing the house. After all, the $500 inspection fee pales in comparison to the repair bill.

This is quite an interesting scenario. There are some major lessons to be learned here. The main lesson – ALWAYS GET A HOME INSPECTION BEFORE BUYING A HOUSE. Home inspections are a critical part of the home-buying process. When you forego the home inspection process to save money, scenarios such as this can quickly become your reality. If you are financing a home, most mortgage companies require an inspection. In some cases, however, they don’t. When a home inspection is not required, it is up to you to make the decision. 

This scenario could have played out differently. What if the new homeowner had gotten a home inspection? A roofing contractor could have notified him immediately about the roof. Yes, the previous owner did replace the roof. What they forgot to tell you is, the new roof is a sequel to the old one. Sub par repair work will inevitably lead to higher repair costs in the long run. Had the new homeowner gotten a home inspection, they could have used the inspection report as leverage to negotiate a lower price for the home.

Roof inspections are so important. If roofing problems are not corrected in a timely manner, the damage can have residual effects. Leaking or damaged roofs can cause foundation issues and can damage the framing of a house. Overtime, the dampness from the roof leaks can cause mold problems. A reputable roofing company can provide the services you need to correct the problems in the above scenario. Placing a new roof on top of an old roof causes more work to repair. The labor costs will be more because it would take extra time to remove both roofs. If there have been extensive roof leaks, the framing under the roof would need to be repaired or replaced. When you are faced with this type of scenario, material costs become a major factor as well. Fixing these issues will ultimately result in higher repair costs. 

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Technological Awareness

The technology is the greatest progress and miracle that mankind has achieved during recent decade. The technology made it possible for humans to better understand the surrounding world, step on the moon, discover the intergalactic space, dive deep under the mysterious waters of the oceans, fight many diseases and even make autonomous robots and AIs. But as awesome this technological advancement is, as dangerous it is at the same time. That’s why we at Abusable Technologies Awareness Center are trying to prevent any abuse and malicious behavior that will put people at risk.

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